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What a great place! Our little dog Reesie is 5 months old. She seems to really enjoy the group training. Reesie is learning to focus and follow our commands which is great. The socialization with the other dogs is a huge plus. Reesie loves people but seeing her interact with the other dogs in a trustful, respectful and playful manner has been great. We can't wait for the beginner sessions to end so we can sign her up for the next level. Gary and his staff are STARS at what they do. You can see the genuine care and love of animals with how each dog is handled.

Sharon K

It's been 2 days since Gary came to help with our younger pup and we've already seen a HUGE difference, not just with the one dog we initially needed help with, but even with our more well behaved dog. They are both very responsive to his techniques he taught us, he definitely knows how to speak a pups language! Can't say enough good things! - Amanda D

The staff is amazing, friendly and respectful. Your dog will definitely learn a lot of new things in these classes. It is such a great experience for the dogs and owners as well. The place is huge and comfortable for everyone. VERY RECOMMENDED!!! - Josue A

I love bringing my kids here to have fun with their puppy! I enjoy watching the pride on their faces after a good obstacle and listening to them tell the rest of the family all their stories! - Alicia B

You all are amazing! In-home training was the best decision I could have made for my dog, Milo. I sincerely appreciate how thorough you were in answering all of my questions. I feel confident I have the knowledge base moving forward to be a better dog mom to my sweet boy. I feel like I have a new dog! In just two hours he learned the "back" command, was more responsive to "sit" and "stay", plus I had some great tips for socialization and leash behavior. I tried the "back" command with him this morning as I was loading my car for work, and worked like charm! Thanks again! - Amber F

Gary came to our home to help with our lab/catahula mix 10 month old boy Greddy. Greddy was showing signs of aggression and bark at anything outside. We couldn't have any guest over with out putting Greddy in his cage. By the end of the session I felt like we had a new dog! Greddy was responding so well to the commands. I believe now we can have guest over with no problems and control the barking. Gary was amazing and I recommend him to every dog owner! – Diandra L

We had our first house guest since our German Shepherd worked with Gary. Amazing! Before, our maniac dog wouldn't allow anyone in the house. After working with Gary, our dog is a pleasure to have. Highly recommend Natural Instinct for anyone with a dog. – Hilary L

Gary and his wonderful staff have turned my Arrow from unconfident, hyper-alert, sometimes aggressive dog into a happy, relaxed pet. The combination of classes and home visits changed our whole house dynamic. I can't thank them enough – Joanne J

Difficulty with our old 15 yr old dog accepting a 2yr pup. Gary walked us thru a dogs brain and enlighten us on many things we could correct. We have stuck to his instructions and we are making progress Thank you – Sandee H

My dogs look forward to coming weekly. Maybe I'm giving them too much credit but they whine by their leashes every week if we don't go to group class. I love the atmosphere, the fun and the camaraderie. Gary is great and always willing to help with any questions as well as running an awesome class. I can't say enough good things. – Ellen M

Gary is very talented and explains things so you can understand it. He helped us a great deal with our German Shepherd. – Malaika I

The agility training has been so much fun!! The whole team is really talented at what they do and really show a passion for dog training!! I would highly recommend them! – Jessica I

Two hours that changed all of our lives... For the better! I will recommend Gary and Natural Instincts without hesitation to anyone who asks. – Kristin S

I am VERY picky and critical when it comes to training. This was our second class and I LOVE it. The way Gary trains is awesome. It's a lot of fun and goes by so fast. I love that he has a crew that helps during the training, so if your fur baby is acting up or not understanding that they are supposed to mind their manners, there is someone who pulls you aside and helps you one on one without stopping the class. My little monkey butt Tuukka absolutely loves doing the course and I enjoy watchimg him do so well. Definately a trainer that I would highly recommend. – Mindy M

Great experience with Gary! Thorough, patient and knowledgable. Definitely recommend – Casey C

I recommend Gary for training your individual dog or helping with your pack. We have done both-in home training with our new puppy and our two older dogs, and taking the puppy to a group training class. The agility is building her confidence. Gary has a great presence with dogs. Calm assertive energy. – Heather C

Just great! Friendly, patient and informative. Am recommending! – Kevin M

Mr. Gary Adams is a wonderful trainer and after one visit, you can rest assure that communication between you and your dog will dramatically improve! – Jeffrey L

We just had an in home training session with Gary this evening. Eye opening for us and really opened the dialog for us on working with our dogs. After some price of we learned, we may even try the agility training. Thank you Gary for putting it in terms we understood. Our pack is much calmer tonight, might be the mental work out we all did. we will keep you posted on progress. – Lisa M

I was given a Schnauzer (cotton 6 years old) when I purchased my puppy in March 2013.  Cottons history is a mystery, so needless to say she had issues that I was not aware of at the time I agreed to take her.  The MAJOR problem, as it appeared to me was she wasn't properly socialized because anytime she saw another dog, she ABSOLUTELY lost her mind..................shaking, teeth chattering, back leg kicking and I COULD NOT get her to stop.

I had ALREADY had a so called trainer come to the house to work with my girl Cotton, but needless to say that was a waste of my time and money, so you can imagine I was VERY disappointed and had VERY LITTLE hope for my girl Cotton.

But one day, just by chance, I me Gary and discovered he was a dog trainer.  Like I said, I wasn't very hopeful, but I decided to call Gary and give Cotton on e more shot.  He came to the house and worked with her and I saw improvement.  Then she started to regress.  So I talked with Gary again and asked if he would take her for a week and work with her, because I was at my wits end.

THANKFULLY Gary agreed and what a difference a REAL dog trainer can make!!!!

Gary, I can't THANK YOU enough.............Since you worked with my girl for that week, I have a MUCH HAPPIER girl for that week, I have MUCH HAPPIER girl and she no longer loses her mind when around other dogs.  I was so happy to see how far she had come when I took her for her first group class after her stay with you.

BOTTOM LINE folks, if you are having issues with your dog(s), Gary Adams is your guy, honestly, the man speaks 'dog'! ! ! !  THANK YOU AGAIN Gary! - Barb, Lake Mary

Gary, you are a dog training Genius!!!  I did that little trick you showed me to get Ty to stop going Bezerko at the door first time and every time since!  He is still there ready to pounce if I say so but the barking stops and he looks to me for further instruction.  UH-MAZING!!!  So simple yet so powerful, and the way you explained it made it so simple to do and understand.  :) - Cristina C, Lake Mary

Gary at Natural Instinct Dog Training, is fantastic to work with!  He has helped me with both my dogs and my horses.  Not only did he give me great insight into how my animals think, he gave me the tools to continue improving my communication with them.  I've definitely learned a lot!  :)   - Allison H, Apopka

Ok, so here is my review of Natural Instinct Dog Training.  Gary (founder and trainer) came over to my house and immediately knew more about my three dogs than I did.  He offered lots of helpful information to myself and my mother because as he explained it's not just about the training the dogs but also the human owners as well.  He went into great detail and made sure we understood everything he was goin gover and always encouraged questions and participation from us and the dogs!  I've used a lot of trainers over the years as I've had a lot of dogs and know a lot of folks in the adoption and rescue world.  By far I truly  feel Gary has the gentle touch my dogs and I needed and the understanding to relate that into a class where the whole house of people and pets can learn.  He went above and beyond to help us reach a happy and harmonious relationship with each other, and I highly recommend Gary to anyone who is thinking of hiring a dog trainer.  He was truly the mind reader we all needed to be on the same page!  Thank you Gary!!! - Monica B, Winter Springs

Let me start off by saying that Gary is a pro with dogs!  When people come to my house, my dog always goes crazy and is usually hyper for 10-15 minutes after they arrive.  When Gary showed up, after the initial excitement and some corrections from Gary on how I was holding my dog back, my dog was calmly laying on his bed within 2 minutes of his arrival.  The first thing we did after introductions was to watch a power point that was very informative and to talk more about what I hoped to get out of our session and some of the problems I was experiencing.  When we started working with my dog is when I truly became amazed.  Because of the way Gary helped me change the way I was giving commands, my dog responded in a positive way almost instantly.  After a bit more practice and a few more pointers for me, I could actually stop my dog from approaching the door, when someone knocked and he keeps getting better the more I practice with him.  After the indoor work, Gary and I went outside to work on my dog on a leash for a little while.  Again, he gave me some great pointers that my dog took very well.  Overall my dog listens and behaves so much better after working with Gary.  I would recommend him 100%  I am very happy with the results of the training! - Eric B, Debary

Three months ago, I rescued an abused dog from Pet Rescue by Judy, I named her Grace as she was blessed to have survived someone throwing her out of a car.  One of Judy's volunteers scooped her up and I'm grateful to that person for their quick thinking and care.  Judy, as most people know is a selfless, wonderful woman who rescues abandoned pets in the Central Florida area.  As expected with an abused dog, I had a few issues with Gracie and asked Judy if she would recommend a dog trainer.  She immediately referred me to Gary Adams, Animal Behavior Specialist and Trainer and I'm so grateful that she did.  Gary came to my home and spent 2 hours with us explaining the proper handling and care of owning a rescue dog, who understandably has issues.  He gave us some helpful tips and insight into a dog's mind, which were well appreciated by us.  Even my unfriendly cat, who hisses and growls at everyone, appeared to like him, which was amazing to me.  He seemed to completely understand the way animals think and truly helped us with our training of sweet Gracie.  If you need assistance with your dog or horse, Gary is the person to call.  He will help you attain the goal of sharing your life, with a happy and well adjusted pet.  I highly recommend Gary as he seems to have an innate sense of what animals are thinking and the best way to handle them in a positive manner. - Charlotte M, Winter Springs

My boyfriend and I just had a training session yesterday with Gary Adams and already, all of our lives have been changed.  Our dogs are more comfortable with each other, they are looking to us for direction, and peace has started to make its place in our home.  A more sincere and lover of animals we have never met when Gary came to our home.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! - Caci E, Longwood

Awesome trainer! Gets results! Very patient with both pup and owner. Highly recommend! - Angie P, Osteen

Have used several different "dog trainers" in the past , and  have been happy that each of them have provided me with lessons that have taken me to another level. Currently have been very impressed with Natural Instinct Dog Training as he uses a positive calm influence to teach/train the dog and the owner(me) .. Attention to each pairing(dog and handler) and giving direct support , I have witnessed the biggest improvement of behaviors from all who are attending. He has a true natural ability and instinct to teach and train.  Am looking forward to seeing what is in store at each weekly meeting! - Lesley W, Winter Springs

Gary really helped us w/ a young rescue dog. She was very timid and his group class and agility helped her confidence. Home visits and group classes are both great. - Heather C, Orlando

I tried other trainers in the past that used a heavy hand with my girl which was not only ineffective but really upset me.  Gary, on the other hand (paw), is a wonderful trainer with a gentle but effective approach. He has incredible patience and understands the various methods that prove to be the just the right solution for each individual need.  Thank you so much!  Delilah and I are very happy. - Denise L, Orlando

Gary has helped with the training of our dog since 2011 . He has a calm demeanor and has always helped address issues when we were experiencing difficulties. He takes time to explain and makes you feel as tho your dog is his number one concern. - Kevin V, Winter Springs

Our first group training and I already learned so much. Thanks for showing me that my dog is not the "crazy pitbull" of the other training classes, but a good dog that just needs a little more direction and how I can be that direction. - Janet, Sanford

​Thanks to Gary Adams & Natural Instinct Dog Training llc we were able to take our border collie mix Kooper to the beach for the first time.  He was a perfect gentleman both on and off the leash and came when called, He did not destroy the cottage we stayed in and met new friends both people and dogs with calm personality.  It was a true pleasure.  Thanks Gary!!! - Penny D, Longwood

Gary is very compassionate with animals and reads people very well.  He can read what's going on with dogs or horses by both their body language and what they are not saying.  He runs his business professionally.  Gary is an animal whisperer. - Linda S, Apopka