Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever (Little Red Duck Dog)

OLLIE (Olivia) was adopted from Seminole County Animal Services 3 years ago.  When we first met she was very shy and scared.  She had poor social skills and would bolt at any sudden sound.  Ollie is now a super star with agility, completely off leash trained and also "Horse Savvy".  Ollie has done hundreds of demos.  Taught in schools and has hundreds of hours out on the trail with horses.  She has a keen sense when it comes to other animals and is a natural leader.  Ollie avidly works trade shows and loves all the attention.  If you see Gary Adams you can be sure she will be with him.  She also helps train horses with Quest Horsemanship on a regular basis.  Ollie is just another example of how wonderful of a companion that can be found at your local animal rescues and shelters.

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