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In-Home 1 on 1 Training & Behavior Modification


Is your dog jumping up, barking at your neighbors, lunging at people and other dogs on your walks?  Does your dog show aggression towards people, other animals, food, or exhibit any other type of aggressive behavior? Are you considering adopting from a shelter or rescue group, or have already done so and need guidance? We can help!  Any and all problems and goals can and will be addressed during our 2 hour In-Home Training.  We Guarantee results after the first session.  Most concerns can be handled in this session.  Our rates are the best in the industry with proven results!  Call us and see why we are rated in the Top 3 Dog Training companies in Central Florida.  Any dog, any breed any problem!  We work 7 days a week to fit better into your busy lifestyle and schedule.

Just one in home session is all you will need to be on the road to success... Guaranteed!

Our methods are Natural and Holistic, we want to empower you to overcome any situation and we Guarantee your success.  It doesn't matter if you have 1 dog or 7 we will address your entire pack... human and canine.

If you ask your dog...

  • Why do you feel the urgent need to jump on me and anyone who comes in our home?
  • Do you always have to bark at every noise you hear?
  • Why are you always in such a rush on our walks?
  • What are you protecting your food, toys, bed from anyways?
  • Where are you running to when I open the front door?
  • Why do you ignore my commands?

If you ask these & many more questions on a daily basis... We can help.

One  2 hour In-Home session is all you will need:

M-F until 5pm $150 

M-F after 5pm: $175 

Weekends: $200

Rates include all humans and dogs that live in your home.  We work with your entire pack and bring balance back to your home.  We have the experience to provide the best training possible.